Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When I'm getting caught up

Yesterday I went to Zutphen and we biked around there and I had two flat tires and my chain came off.

And I went swimming in the canal with my cousin Caleb and my cousin Zach and my cousin Jacob.

Today we biked through lovely farmland. We found a house where my great great grandfather used to live in. It was in Neede.

We stopped and swam at a little lake near Borculo. And we swam in the canal again.

And tonight we had dinner and dessert outside and that is a dog name Jippy and he is going to be with us the rest of our bike and barge trip.

I'll keep you posted. Bye! And we'll be back on the Jon blog.

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  1. Jon, we love reading what you all have been doing! Hope you have a great day!