Monday, November 11, 2013

The Last Day

My first exciting (not really) thing of the day was going to a Hello Kitty store with ME:

Then we went on a double decker bus and the roof was off.

I saw many very cool buildings and landmarks and a "sacred" place for teenagers, but one of my most favorites was this building that looks like the posts on a football field:

Then it started to drizzle. After we got off the bus it really started to pour rain. I was hungry so we went to a nice little cafe. We had scones.

In Japan there are hundreds of vending machines on the streets.

You can have drinks but some give out Kit Kats. You can also get hot drinks which is kind of cool.

The most exciting thing which is actually in the future (or should I say the past for you?) - I'm coming home. I'll explain to some of you about the past thing when I get back.

I'll keep you posted.

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